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Stacey Solomon reveals genius £8.99 sandwich hack that will win over fussy eaters

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Stacey Solomon has become something of a guru when it comes to nifty tricks, organisation and cleaning.

Her tap to tidies? We're addicted. Labeled jars for pasta? We've done it. Organising our entire home with handy storage solutions? What spring-cleaning weekends thrive upon.

So, of course, we were all ears when she shared her latest tip that is a LIFE-SAVER for anyone currently home-schooling children.

Stacey, mum to Zachary, Leighton and baby Rex, showed her 3.1 million Instagram followers how she meal preps her son's sandwiches.

The cutters only cost £8.99 for a seven-piece set from Amazon and they will bring some much-needed joy to lunchtimes at home.

A shark-shaped sandwich? A dolphin? Perfect for developing.a little one's imagination.

Stacey also revealed how she meal preps the boy's sandwiches for the week to save her time.

“I’m going to make sandwiches for the boys for the week and freeze them so I don’t have to worry on the day which makes a massive difference," she told her Instagram following.

“I’ll put them in freezer bags, labeled and take them out the night before I use them.”

For anyone who's really into nailing the whole sandwich thing, the Loose Women panelist insists you should pick up two slices of bread instead of one, to ensure they match perfectly.

Stacey said that it bothered her whenever she took out one slice at a time to make a sandwich because when it came time to put them together they didn't line up.

"Just thought I'd share this absolute golden nugget of information with you," she wrote in the caption.

Buy now: KENIAO Under The Sea Cookie Cutter Set - 7 Piece 

Right, so two pieces of bread. Freeze them and then cut with adorable animal cutters. Got that? Fab.

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