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Tom Fletcher And Giovanna Share Snaps of Baby Buzz At Their Anniversary Dinner

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McBusted star Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna’s bub Buzz has already gained celebrity social media status – thanks to that incredible time-lapse video - and now we’ve been treated to more sweet snaps of him ‘crashing’ their second anniversary celebrations on Instagram.

Tom posted the pic of Buzz at Italian restaurant Rosso, wearing a cute bib (and a big yawn!), captioned, ‘Buzz decided to crash his mum and dads anniversary dinner. Thanks to everyone at Rosso for looking after us!’

 The following day, Tom posted another snap of him and Buzz wearing matching tie-dye t-shirts.
‘WARNING: embarrassing dad dressing son in matching outfit!’, he wrote.

Author and actress Giovanna, commented on the challenges of taking a baby to restaurants on her Hello! Blog.
Writing about her anniversary dinner, she wrote, ‘It was delightful… so delightful that Buzz felt he wanted to join in the fun. He woke up and wailed. And wailed… and wailed. Ha! Mario even had to chop up my dinner for me so that I could juggle eating with just a fork and bouncing Buzz in my other arm.
'The staff there were fantastic too and didn’t make me feel like I was a nuisance – I’ll put it down to most of them being Italian. I’ve always felt children have a little more freedom over in Italy….’
‘Luckily it’s not scared me off going out again – if anything it’s given me the confidence to get out with him more,’ she added.
Do you struggle taking your baby to restaurants? Let us know below.


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