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Tom Fletcher on Hypnobirthing: ‘It’s freakin incredible and something everyone should consider’

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Tom Fletcher On Hypnobirthing: ‘It’s Freakin Incredible And Something Everyone Should Consider’

The dad of two reveals that he and his wife Giovanna Fletcher are big fans of hypnobirthing.

Following a Mother&Baby tweet asking readers for their experience of hypnobirthing, dad and McBusted member Tom Fletcher has said he thinks it’s something ‘everyone should consider.’

M&B’s tweet said, ‘Has anyone tried #hypnobirthing? Tweet us your experience of it!’

Tom replied, writing, ‘yes! It’s freakin incredible and something everyone should consider.’

Tom’s tweet has since been retweeted numerous times and favourited, and hypnobirthing groups and experts have been among those who have replied.

The singer and his wife Giovanna and revealed their plans to try hypnobirthing before their first son, Buzz, was born.

Giovanna posted on her blog for Hello! magazine’s website about using hypnobirthing during her son’s birth.


The mum-of-two wrote, ‘When we first announced that we were expecting our first child I had a handful of friends (who are all mothers) get in touch to tell me about hypnobirthing and how wonderful they’d found using the technique during labour.

‘Let’s face facts – we’ve all heard pretty traumatic childbirth stories (people just love sharing them – they revel in the horrified expressions they get in return), so I was ready to try anything to help get me through the ordeal… what I wasn’t prepared for was just how lovely I’d find hypnobirthing, and how it would change my whole perception on the day we welcome our little Crumb into the world.’


Once Buzz was born, Giovanna took to her blog to write about how she found hypnobirthing during her labour itself.

‘I was calm enough to allow my body to produce a whole heap of oxytocin and endorphins with the help of some Michael McIntyre standup, singing along to Coldplay albums and my wonderful husband Tom,’ she wrote.

Have you tried hypnobirthing? Let us know what you think of it in the comments box below.


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