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Tom Fletcher’s Baby Video, The New Baby Name Trend And Prince William On Expanding His Family – This Week’s Top Parenting News Stories

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Another week, another incredible range of parenting news – and this week we had real trouble narrowing down our favourite stories. So make a cuppa, get comfy and catch up on our top five

1. McFly’s Tom Fletcher Releases Adorable Video About Pregnancy And New Parenthood

You might want to grab a tissue for this one. New dad and McFly singer Tom Fletcher has produced another heart-wrenching home video, this time revealing his journey into parenthood. And it’s beyond cute. Watch the full video here.

2. Prince William On Baby Rumours

Rumours have been circling that Kate and Wills could already be expecting baby number two but Prince William revealed the truth this week. Speaking at a St. Patrick’s Day engagement, this is what the new dad said... 

3.  Simon Cowell: ‘Nappies Are Not For Me’

Before his baby Eric arrived last month, Simon Cowell did warn everyone that he wouldn’t help out with his son’s nappy changes. We wondered if he was joking – but obviously not… The new dad has revealed that he leaves nappy changing to his son’s nanny, but there are other ways he’s a hands on dad

4. Your New Baby Name Inspiration 

There’s a new baby name trend emerging. The pattern has been spotted by an expert from, who thinks that ‘names that are popular today, like Savannah and Dakota, are paving the way to more adventurous place names in years to come.’ Get ahead of the curve and find out what those future names could be here. 

5. Would You Let A Photographer Be There When You Give Birth?

Some women would cringe at the thought of letting their own friends and family see them giving birth, let alone a stranger. But others are opting to hire a professional photographer to document the entire experience – an upgrade on the shaky Instagram vids and straight-after-labour shows by your other half. The US birthing trend is becoming more and more on trend in the UK, with mums-to-be choosing to have snaps taken before, after and even during their labour.

What was your favourite news story this week? Let us know in the comments box below.

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