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VIDEO! Has Being A Mum Chilled Out Kim Kardashian?

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Being a mum changes everyone to some extent. Has it made Kim Kardashian relax?

Kim Kardashian was filmed yesterday in LA with her baby and instead of stopping and posing for the photographers, Kanye West’s fiancé concentrated solely on getting her baby safely into her car. 

For once the new mum, 33, skipped the pencil skirts and crop tops and opted to wear skinny jeans and a simple Chicago logo top (Kanye’s hometown, FYI).

But she wasn’t completely dressed down. Kim was wearing her trademark towering stilettoes and carried only a small Bottega Veneta handbag that definitely wouldn’t fit any nappies in it…

Kim was completely surrounded by fans and paparazzi as she walked the short distance from the building to her car while pushing her five month old daughter North West. Watch the video below.

And the Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star didn’t even get cross with actors Seth Rogan and James Franco’s tongue-in-cheek remake of Kanye’s recent video Bound 2, which Kim starred in. She tweeted Seth saying how funny she thought it was, which wasn’t the reaction that we, or probably Seth and James, were expecting.

How did motherhood change you? Let us know below.

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