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VIDEO! Peaches Geldof Takes On Katie Hopkins In An Attachment Parenting Debate

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Peaches Geldof proved she’s her father’s daughter while articulately standing up to Kate Hopkins during a ‘friendly’ debate on attachment parenting

The mum of two, 24, revealed the reasons why she’s pro-attachment parenting (AP) while Katie argued against it.

The segment, aired on This Morning, today, explained why Peaches’ and her musician husband Thomas Cohen follow the seven B’s of AP – Birth bonding, Breastfeeding, Baby wearing, Bedding close to baby, Belief in the language of your baby’s cry, Beware of baby trainers and Balance.

But, Peaches says, ‘it’s not about strict rules.’ She says it’s ‘all-inclusive’ and can work for all mums, whether you’re working 9-5 or home all day. Katie, however, branded those trying AP as ‘crap parents’. Ouch.

Peaches also spoke of her recent revelation that she shares a bed with her two children, Astala Dylan Willow, 17 months, and Phaedra Bloom Forever, seven months, and referenced a Harvard study that shows that babies breathe in time with their mums when co-sleeping.

However the two mums did (shockingly) agree on one point – that you have to teach you baby that you’re in charge.

Watch the debate in full here:


And social media fans, Peaches tweeted this photo of herself and Katie after the show…

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