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What’s In Her Mama Bag… Melanie C

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Former Spice Girl and mum of one Melanie C talks us through the must haves she keeps in her handbag

‘Hi, I’m Melanie C and I’m going to show you what’s in my mama bag.

The snack

I’m going to go first of all for the snack. This is a fruit string but it could be any snack. In fact, what’s preferable is an array of snacks because my little girl’s five and she’s very hungry when she comes out of school.

But one day she likes something, and the next day she doesn’t like that and wants something else, so I always have a few in there so she’s a happy little monkey.

The wipes

Always an essential. My little girl’s been out of nappies for a very long time, but wipes. What did we do before wipes?

They’re for messy children and messy mummies.

Bottle of water

I’ve recently been to Ghana and I’m involved in a campaign where if you buy your P&G products from Asda, they provide one day of clean drinking water.

I saw it in action and it’s incredible. They mix little sachets into the water, filter it through and dirty water – something you wouldn’t want to give your children – is transformed within 30 minutes into this. I drank it and it tasted pretty good, so you could be doing something in quite a simple way to make a massive difference.

Pawpaw ointment

I found this when my daughter was little, and it’s good for sore bottoms and spots and bites and stings – all kinds of things.

I think you can get it on the internet and it’s very useful.

The smartphone

A blessing and a curse – my smartphone. I’ve got so many apps and it’s not ideal, but it’s saved a lot of situations. My top tip is to always have the sound turned down or just on a little bit, because these lovely apps have really annoying songs on them.

You can’t turn it down in your child’s hands because they’re too clever for that, so just have it on a volume you can stand.’

Melanie C is supporting the P&G and Asda Clean Water Campaign to help provide 75 million days of clean drinking water to children worldwide by the end of 2014. From 27th February, for every purchase of a P&G product (like Ariel, Gillette, Pampers) in Asda, P&G will donate one day of clean drinking water.

Filmed and edited by Lisa Howells


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