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What’s In Her Mama Bag… Emma Bunton

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Radio presenter, Spice Girl legend and mum of two Emma Bunton talks us through the wonderfully varied contents of her handbag

So, here’s my handbag. I’m a bit worried to be opening this and showing you, but here we go!

High factor, generally for the kids when it’s been quite warm. Poor things – I slather it all over their faces and they’re like “Mum!” Very important and I’m all about that.

Make-up bag
My make-up bag is quite hefty (laughs) but I do a breakfast show on Heart and I need this by 6.30 in the morning. It’s just got the usual mascara, blusher and lip balm.

Baby wipes
Pampers! These are generally for the kids but I do keep them in here because they’re great for taking make-up off and any stains you have on white dresses.

This is also the campaign I’m working on supporting UNICEF – it’s one pack, one vaccine to help towards maternal and newborn tetanus, which we are fighting against but we do need your help.

Just buy one of these and we can get the vaccine out there to support millions of mums who need our help.

A teddy! (laughs)

This is really important. Always carry something to eat for the children because you know as soon as you step out of the door, they’re going to be like “I’m hungry!” so always have spare food.

These are mine…

This is mainly packed with apps like Peppa Pig and Spiderman, plus lots of photos of my gorgeous boys. Also ABC games and spelling ones.

Always comes in handy. And that’s it, that’s your lot!

Emma is supporting the Pampers and UNICEF 'Every Parent's Dream' campaign. To find out more, visit


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