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What’s In Her Mama Bag… Janet Collin

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The accessories designer and mum of two reveals the contents of her handbag from her favourite parenting book to a toy from her childhood

My name is Janet Collin and I’ve brought my changing bag to show you the different things inside.

My changing bag’s actually one of my favourite things. I’m a handbag designer and this is something I’ve designed for the British brand iCandy – it’s one of the bags in our new collection to give mums a little bit more oomph, I guess!

Children’s book
I was born in the Netherlands so I’m trying to raise my kids as bilingual, which is quite hard because all they do is talk back to me in English (laughs). So I’m trying to teach them these words – my little girl Emma has just started and she loves the bear. The illustrations are just lovely and spot on, I think.

Parenting book
Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids by Laura Markham, which is my bible. If I’m shouting a bit too much or a bit impatient, I look it up in here. It’s all about empathy and patience, and it’s really good.

Creative wallet
The other thing I have with me when we go out is a little wallet with lots of creative things to do, so it’s got a notebook, pencils, stickers, pens… So if Emma’s in the buggy and she’s getting a bit impatient, I give her this and she’ll start to draw, which is a lot of fun. I’d recommend this.

This is what I used to play with when I was little. A little dolly, plastic, 1970s. I love old things.

Children’s necklace
In the Netherlands there’s this fantastic shop called Hema – they also have an online shop, you should look it up – and they do fantastic children’s wear and children’s toys. These are all little beads that James and Emma can string on themselves. She loves to wear this – she’ll be out in her summer dress and wearing it, and she looks adorable. This is very cute.

This is my last thing – you’re not allowed to zoom in (laughs). One of the things in here is quite funny. I started this before my son was born and inside is the maternity car parking permit – I was in labour for probably 54 hours and this was in our car in the parking lot for about three days.

Then this bit is ‘Yeah we’re pregnant again!’ and of course, this is ‘First haircut!’

That’s it, I think. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.


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