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Would You Keep Your Pregnancy Secret If You Were Famous? This Mum Has…

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Representatives for 49-year-old actress Laura Linney have revealed the news that she's had a baby boy after never announcing her pregnancy or being photographed with a bump

From Angelina Jolie to Adele, many celebrities have tried to keep their baby bumps under wraps for several months - but few have managed to keep their pregnancy a secret all the way until birth. Apart from Love Actually actress Laura Linney, that is.

She hadn't even revealed the news that she was pregnant but, on Saturday, representatives confirmed the actress gave birth to a baby boy, Bennett Armistead Schauer, last Wednesday.

Speaking to People magazine, Laura’s agent said, ‘Mother and baby are happy and healthy.’

The actress hasn't been photographed in public since June 2013, and was even absent at the Emmys in September, where she won her fourth award for best actress for Showtime's The Big C.

This isn’t the first time Laura’s shown her skill at keeping secrets. Her wedding to estate agent Marc Schauer in May 2009 was also under wraps, with a rep at the time simply saying, ‘They are very happy’.

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