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Are You Feeling The Childcare Crunch?

With 35,000 fewer childcare places and a 77 per cent increase in costs, it’s no wonder so many parents are feeling the ‘childcare crunch’, says Ed Miliband

Getting your toddler a place at a nursery or hiring a childminder is tough enough, without bringing the issue of finance into it. According to new figures outlined by the Labour Party, costs of childcare have risen by 77 per cent in the last 10 years – making it ridiculously hard for most parents to afford.

‘Seven out of 10 mums are saying “I want to go back to work but I can't because of the cost of childcare”,’ says Ed Milliband on ITV’s Daybreak. The Labour Party leader continues to brand working all week to pay for childcare as ‘nonsense.’

Costs of childcare have risen by 77 per cent in the last 10 years

According to the Labour Party, 22 per cent of a person’s average weekly earnings goes on childcare, compared with 18 per cent in 2010.
‘All at a time when the number of children under four in England has risen by 125,000,’ he says.

In addition to childcare being more expensive, it’s also far trickier to get your tot a place today, the party’s findings show. Shockingly, there are now 35,000 fewer places than in 2010. And an average of three Sure Start centres are being closed each week, the Labour leader says.

‘Millions of parents are facing a childcare crunch,’ says Mr Miliband. ‘They are facing a daily obstacle course as they seek to balance work and family life.

We wonder if this concentration on improving childcare will get parents voting Labour…

If you’re struggling to afford your childcare, check out the benefits available.

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