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How Will Paternity Leave Affect Your Partner's Income?

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The Lib Dems have unveiled plans for new dads to be given a ‘daddy month’ of paid paternity leave, but will anyone other than Prince William be able to afford to take it? And how will the proposed changes affect your family income?

Earlier this year it was announced that new fathers could be given a month off work under a ‘use it or lose it’ new paternity leave policy put forward by the Liberal Democrats due to come into force in 2015.

Currently, fathers have been given two weeks of paternity leave, although saving holiday days to use instead has been a more affordable workaround for some families.

Increased paternity leave can only be a good thing right? Dads get to spend more bubba/dada bonding time, mums get an extra pair of hands and maybe even the odd lie-in, and the whole thing is paid – what’s not to love?

But before you crack open the celebratory Champers, consider that paternity leave is currently ‘paid’ at just £136.78 a week, which may in fact make it unaffordable for many parents already facing a drop in income because mum is on maternity leave.

Dads get more bonding time, mums get an extra pair of hands and the whole thing is PAID

Critics claim the new plan will mean a drop in the number of dads being able to afford to take paternity leave and the latest figures released seem to reveal that the growth in the number of men taking paternity leave has ground to a halt.

But coupled with a proposed plan to allow new mums and dads to split 18 months worth of parenting leave between them, this shake up in parental leave could offer the flexibility many mums are looking for.

What do you think? Would you want your partner to take a ‘baby month’? Could you afford it?


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