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Would You Share Your Maternity Leave With Your Partner?

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The idea has gone back and forth, but shared parental leave will be in place by April 2015, the government has announced

Would you have split your mat leave with your partner? That’s an option new parents will have by April 2015 – to share a year’s leave with their other half. 

Confirmed by the government today, the move will help to balance out inequality at home and let more dads play a hands-on role in that early period, according to deputy PM Nick Clegg.

‘Women deserve the right to pursue their goals and not feel they have to choose between having a successful career or having a baby,’ he said. ‘We want to create a fairer society that gives parents the flexibility to choose how they share care for their child in the first year after birth.

‘We need to challenge the old-fashioned assumption that women will always be the parent that stays at home, many fathers want that option, too.’

While Clegg pointed out that employees are often more motivated and productive if they’re able to work flexibly, a prominent business group has claimed it’ll put a massive burden on workplaces.

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