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Little Freddie Stage 2 Meals

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When it comes to baby food, the thinner the puree, the more diluted the nutrients. Our meals have a thicker home-made fork-mashed texture, making sure every mouthful is full of those vital nutrients.

Little Freddie Smoothies

smoothies silver


Little Freddie Smoothies recipes use sophisticated ingredients worthy of even the choosiest little gastronome. With 100% recyclable packaging, they make the perfect sweet treat, snack or dessert for your little one and are available in a variety of flavours.


Organix Veggie Mini Mix-Ups

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Veggie Mini Mix Ups are a tasty mix of veggie puffs in lots of delicious flavours and fun shapes - perfect to help your little one’s pincer grip and hand eye co-ordination.


Piccolo Cooking Range



Inspired by the Piccolo's founder and their Mediterranean upbringing, the cooking range was developed to help take the pressure off parents cooking at home for their little ones. The organic baby pastas, sauces and stock cubes place the emphasis on easier home-cooking.

Mamia, Aldi Oaty Bars - Banana

Oaty Banana Bar


These soft organic oat flake and raisin paste bars with banana flakes are perfect for handy snacks when on-the-go, and their shape makes it easy for little hands to hold.

Little Freddie Greek Style Yoghurts

greek style yoghurts


Little Freddies Greek Style Yoghurts have a thick and creamy texture and are made from calcium-rich whole milk in the West Country. A delicious creamy snack on the go or treat for babies who enjoy something sweet and savoury.

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