5 morning hacks we wish we’d learned sooner

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Don't consider yourself to be a morning person? Us neither.

Waking up feeling tired and grouchy can really ruin your whole day, and when this happens every day, it can become a bit of an issue. But, don't despair! We've discovered five things that can help you feel more energised in the mornings, and that will certainly have an impact on your day ahead...

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1. Wake up to music

Instead of waking up to an annoying, screeching alarm sound, you should try waking up to your favourite song so you feel good from the very get-go. A nifty gadget that will help you do this is the Phillips Wake-up Light, which has a radio FM and a special sunrise feature. Inspired by nature's sunrise, the alarm clock gradually releases light for 30 minutes until you wake up naturally, instead of suddenly. So long, bad mornings.

Written by Arianna Chatzidakis

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