Ask Anna: “I’m not enjoying pregnancy, how do I deal?”

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Introducing M&B's brand-spankin' new agony aunt Anna Williamson who will be answering all your pressing questions around mental health.

From battling postnatal depression to feeling lonely to returning back to work after maternity leave - Anna will help guide you through the ups, downs, laughter and tears of being a mum.

This week's question: I'm not enjoying pregnancy, how do I deal?

From the flood of 'congratulations' Whatsapp messages from long-lost friends, beaming strangers on the bus and the promise of a 'pregnancy glow' it would seem that expecting a child is a joyous occasion and any feeling otherwise is weird and not okay. Um no, it's completely normal to feel down! Body changes, raging hormones and money worries can mean you're feeling anything *but* radiant. Here Anna advises anyone who is not feeling their best through this whole pregnancy lark...

Anna Williamson is an author, podcaster, tv presenter and mum of two-year-old son Vincenzo. Listen to her podcast or check out her book Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider's Guide to Parenting Anxiety

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