A life coach says doing these 4 simple things can make you instantly happier

by Aimee Jakes |

Ah life. Sometimes you feel so happy watching your little one smush fistfuls of gooey Weetabix into his mouth and feel so much joy you could burst. Other times you couldn't think of anything worse than leaving your bed to face the day.

We all have down days one in a while and they are completely normal!

Understandably, spending your time cleaning up exploding nappies (remember the days we thought they were a myth!) and only speaking to a baby every single day can make you feel you feel isolated. We can sometimes do with a quick point in the right direction to make us feel like ourselves again.

NOTE: If you are experiencing prolonged bouts of unhappiness and are finding things unmanageable, please check the signs of Post Natal Depression or call The Samaritans who always want to listen.

Life coach Tori Boughey tells us four simple things you can do to feel instantly happier...

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1. Get outside! (and breathe)

There is honestly no better way to instantly ‘get happy’. Make the time in your day to go for a walk, or if it’s an incredibly busy day then choose to walk to wherever you need to be going… Whilst you’re outside take the time to focus on your breath, so often we are running around and forgetting to properly inhale and exhale which can increase the symptoms of anxiety.
Inhale, hold and count to 4. Exhale, hold and count to 4…
This awareness of the breath helps to ground us whilst reconnecting with ourselves and everything around us.

TBALANCE, a Holistic Health Coaching service, founded by Tori Boughey that helps people find the optimum balance in their lives in order to be the best version of themselves.

For more info, check out Tori’s website here  and she can be found on Instagram: @tbalance_

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