5 fitness tips every new mum needs to read

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It’s not always easy to work out when you’re juggling work and looking after your children. Heck, it’s not always easy to work out in general! But, incorporating some fitness into your weekly routine is really important for your health, as well as a great opportunity, to unwind.

So, to help you out, we quizzed two leading British athletes – one who is a parent! – on their top tips for how parents can keep fit…

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1) Set an attainable goal

British athlete Martyn Rooney is also a parent of two young children. His top tip for parents wanting to get back into exercising? “Set an attainable goal, but one that’s actually going challenge them. If you’ve got a goal you can aim for then it’ll keep you motivated.”

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Written by Arianna Chatzidakis

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