7 surprising topics you’ll find yourself talking about now you’re a mum

by Mother & Baby |

Ever since one mum confessed on an online message board to keeping a glass of water by the bed for, er, post-sex cleaning (Google ‘penis beaker’ NOW!), it got us wondering what else we never thought we’d talk about until we had kids.

We've rounded up the surprising topics du jour now you're a mum...

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1) Fancying kids’ TV presenters

To the non-parents of this world, Justin Fletcher (aka Mr Tumble) may just be a man who does a good clown impersonation. But, to many a mum, he’s a pin-up rivalled only by Mark Owen from your teenage years. Or that other CBeebies hottie, Andy. The only explanation is they keep your tot occupied for a whole 20 minutes…

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