Are You Ready To Start Losing Your Baby Weight?

by Maria Lally |

You may dream of snapping back into your pre-baby shape, but when is really the right time to start working on it?

Forget pictures of celebrity mums showing off a flat stomach within days of leaving the delivery suite. You shouldn’t even think about trying to lose your baby weight until your body is ready. So how do you know when that time is? Use our checklist…

Have six weeks passed since the birth?

The six weeks after you give birth are crucial for rest and recovery. It’s fine – great even – to eat healthily during this time but don’t cut back on calories in a bid to lose weight. It will make your more tired at a time you need to build your strength up. And if you’re breastfeeding, a calorie controlled diet can affect your milk supply.

Hold back on exercise

Don’t exercise until you’ve had your six week check with your GP and when you do start exercising again start slow. Go for long walks with your baby and build up to gentle jogs, postnatal yoga and Pilate classes.

Did you have a C-section?

If so, speak to your GP before you embark on any form of exercise. The same goes if you’ve had stitches from tearing or an episiotomy. Your GP, health visitor or midwife will be able to tell if you’re healing properly.

Are you getting any sleep?

Probably not if you’re a new mum! But when your baby starts to sleep for longer stretches at night, it’s a good time to start exercising again. ‘If you’re sleep deprived your body won’t have the fuel to get you through a workout and you may also be lacking in concentration which can make you more prone to injuries,’ says celebrity trainer James Duigan. ‘So only embark on an exercise programme when you feel sufficiently rested.’

Lastly, listen to your body

‘Eat when you’re hungry and exercise if you feel up to it,’ says James. ‘Your body is amazingly intuitive – more so than ever during and after pregnancy – so listen to it at all times.’ Once you do think you’re ready, check out the five stages of baby weight loss for the best results.

What’s your biggest motivation for losing your baby weight? Let us know below.

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