Period pants: How they can help you postpartum

Period pants: How they can help you postpartum

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Period pants are all the rage right now, and for good reason.

On top of being the perfect sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual products, reusable period pants can be used for postpartum bleeding and your periods thereafter.

From pads to disposable maternity knickers, there’s plenty on offer to help you get through the first weeks following the birth of your baby. But better leak protection is something we’re all after, and period underwear is built to be leak-proof.

There’s a lot to get your head around after welcoming your newborn into the world, when it comes to bleeding and periods, we want to make sure that leaking is the least of your worries.

Here at Mother&Baby, we're here to help. That's why in this guide to period pants, we've covered everything from leak-proof technology, to where you can buy period pants and even recommendations from our shopping experts. Find out more about why you should trust us here.

What are period pants?

Reusable period pants can vary everywhere you look, but the general idea is that they can replace pads or tampons. Depending on the heaviness of your flow, period pads can guarantee you leak-proof comfort without a pad or tampon, or act as an extra layer of protection with a tampon if you’re braving some white trousers.

Why choose period pants?

Period pants are a great alternative to pads and tampons, and pioneers of eco-friendly period products. Being kinder to our planet is a major plus for period pants, but for expecting and busy mums period pants are saviours.

After giving birth, it’s suggested you wait at least six weeks before using a tampon, or you could be at risk of infection. Maternity pads are always suggested for postpartum bleeding, but if you have already given birth or even tried ultra-heavy plus period pads, I’m sure you can agree, that there’s no comfort or dignifying feeling to wearing big and bulky pads or pants.

This is where period pants come in, made from odour-eliminating and crazy absorbent fabrics, period underwear is comfortable, leak-proof and environmentally friendly – how could you say no?

The Modibodi story

Kristy the CEO and creator of Modibodi, the UK's number one leak-proof underwear brand, set out determined to start her own brand and change underwear for the better.

Following the birth of her second child and experiences with bladder and period leaks, she was motivated to create Modibodi, the original leak-proof brand. This ambition saw her design, develop and scientifically prove her patented Modifier Technology leak-proof undies, and transform this into the Modibodi collection: a reusable, sustainable range of tops, singlets, period, and sweat-proof undies as well as swimwear.

Modibodi launched in 2013 and has been a worldwide phenomenon since, changing the way we view single-use sanitary products and most importantly changing women’s lives for the better.

Where can I buy period pants in the UK?

Following the success of Modibodi and other period underwear pioneers, like Flux and Thinx, you can now find period pants in your local supermarket. It’s now as easy as throwing a set of Bodyform period underwear in your basket during your weekly shop.

And of course, online the world is your oyster, from Amazon to ASOS period pants are by no means in short supply, there is a size, print/colour, and style out there for everyone.

To help you navigate the web and find the perfect pair for you, we’ve shortlisted our favourite pairs of period pants available in the UK, both on the high street and online, so you can spend more precious time with your little one.

INNERSY Women’s Period Underwear - Pack of 3

INNERSY Womenu2019s Period Underwear - Pack of 3

View offer

These menstrual pants available on Amazon, feature three layers of leak-proof design - perfect for extra protection on heavy-flow days or postpartum bleeding. These period pants are advertised as an extra layer of protection, for use with a tampon, pad, or cup, especially on heavy days.


  • An affordable option for a pack of three
  • Wide rear coverage and extended protective lining in the front
  • Stretchy and soft waistband for ultimate comfort


  • These period pants are marketed as extended protection for use with pads, cups or tampons - not recommended as a complete replacement
  • May need to size up as some reviewers said they come up small

Modibodi Recycled Seamfree Full Brief

Modibodi Recycled Seamfree Full Brief

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Feel smooth, snug, and perfectly protected in Modibodi’s best-selling seam-free and leak-proof underwear. Designed to bleed straight into, these heavy-overnight absorbency briefs will guarantee you a leak-free night.

We love: Modibodi proves period pants don’t have to be boring! With infinite styles to choose from and bright and neutral colours galore, you’ll find the perfect pair for you no matter your style.


  • Available in multiple styles – briefs, boy shorts, detachable bikini, the list goes on…
  • Period and pee friendly! Can hold up to 20ml or up to four tampons worth
  • Only 3mm thick, so you get the protection and comfort without the bulkiness
  • Six absorbency levels to choose from - depending on the heaviness of your flow and the protection you are after


  • We can’t find any!

One of our shopping experts, Angelica, tested and reviewed the Modibodi classic bikini pants and said:

“This product brought me piece of mind even on the heaviest days of my period. I had always been super cautious, with my heavy flow, to wear a small pad or liner with a tampon just for extra protection, but they always moved and just weren’t comfortable. This underwear offered me that protection on my heavy days and the ultimate protection on my lighter days. What’s even better is that they felt just like normal underwear."

"I would be too scared to go pad/tampon free and rely on these completely, but for the extra protection these are great! Ultimately these pants offer you piece of mind, so you can focus your energy on the important things and not worry constantly about whether you’re leaking.”

HeyGirls Essential Bikini Style Period Pant

Hey girls Essential Bikini

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Made from bamboo and a high tech outer-layer to keep you dry day or night. HeyGirls pants are good for the planet and good for you too, with no nasty chemicals or hidden plastics. You can wear, wash and wear again – they are 100 per cent reusable.

We love: That since launching Hey Girls in 2018, they have donated over 14.9 MILLION period products to communities across the UK! For every pair you buy, HeyGirls will donate a pair to women in need.


  • Holds Up To 25 ml – 4-5 tampons or 5 teaspoons
  • Wee and period proof for periods and leaks
  • Added stretch for ultimate comfort


  • Slightly bulkier, but still super comfortable

One of our shopping experts, Angelica, tested and reviewed the HeyGirls thigh high bikini and HeyGirls super soft cherry pants, and said:

“I was pleasantly surprised at the protection these offer, even on my heaviest days. Although these said they offered complete protection and could hold up to five tampons, I was super sceptical to go tampon free."

"I used the super soft cherry pants overnight and don’t think I could go back now. I had always been super scared to use a tampon overnight, because I feared if I overslept or forgot about it somehow, I would be at risk of toxic shock syndrome, so I relied on pads. I hated using pads, especially overnight as I tossed and turned, they would bulge or move, and it was by no means comfortable. My first night in these was amazing, I was super comfortable and no leaks! I was surprised myself, but these can hold a lot, I promise. They were slightly bulky, but for at-home and overnight these are ideal, I would feel comfortable wearing these for up to 8 hours and not worrying about a leak at all.”

Dorina Moon Organic Cotton Blend Night Midi Period Briefs – 2 Pack

Dorina Moon organic cotton blend 2 pack night midi period briefs

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This duo of briefs, perfect for night or day wear, each absorb up to 30ml or equivalent to 3 tampons. The multi-layered fabric with anti-odour inner layer, moisture-wicking middle layer, and water-resistant outer layer, work brilliantly to minimise leaks and work perfectly as a postpartum option.


  • Highly absorbent – holds up to 30ml
  • Built-in anti-bacterial technology
  • Three-layer protection for no leaks


  • Reviewers suggest to size up for a comfortable fit (one or two sizes up)

Thinx Super Hiphugger

Thinx Super Hiphugger

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With thousands of five-star reviews, Thinx period pants are some of the most raved about in the world of menstrual underwear. Now with double the absorbency of their classic collection, this best-selling pair from Thinx lasts for up to two years.

We love: The versatility in sizing, ranging from XXS to 3XL!


  • Look and feel just like normal underwear
  • Super absorbency – holds up to 5 regular tampons worth
  • Lasts up to two years or 40 washes


  • The most expensive single pair in our round-up

Intimawear By Bodyform Bikini Black

Intimawear By Bodyform Bikini Black

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Period pants that let your body flow. This pair from Bodyform are super comfy and easy to wear, with an elastic waistband and a cut that partially covers the hips - they're ready for whatever you have planned, or whatever you want to wear.

We love: That you can pick this up during your weekly food shop.


  • Offers the same absorbency as your regular Bodyform ultra towel – keeping everything locked for up to eight hours
  • Fits nicely, feels soft and as comfortable as your normal underwear
  • Can be worn by themselves or (if you experience a very heavy flow) in combination with a tampon, a cup, or a thin towel as an additional backup layer
  • Last for at least 50 washes


  • Currently only available in two styles
  • Available in a smaller size range (S, M, L, XL)

CONFIDENCE High Absorbency Bikini Period Knickers

Mu0026amp;S High Absorbency Bikini Period Knickers

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These high-absorbency Confidence bikini knickers mean you won't have to worry about leaks. The three-layer gusset draws moisture away from the body, with an absorbent, anti-odour middle layer and a protective outer layer for everyday comfort.

We love: That you can pick these up on your next shopping trip to the high street.


  • Everyday protection for light flow and leaks
  • Three-layer design to keep you dry and comfortable
  • No-show design looks and feels like normal knickers, while reducing sanitary waste


  • Some reviewers would not recommend using these as a substitute for tampons or pads on heavier days.

Should I still wear a pad, tampon or cup with period underwear?

There's no right or wrong answer for this, it depends entirely on your body as well as the underwear. Make sure you check the period pants' absorbency level before you buy, if you think they're right for you - try them out.

Will I still leak when wearing period pants?

This depends on how heavy your cycle is and what day you're on, but if you opt for maximum protection and the highest absorbency you'll be sure to have no leaks for up to eight hours. If it's your first time using them, try them out at home or carry around a spare pad just in case.

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