New-Mum High? 22 Reasons You’re Feeling Pretty Amazing Right Now

by Georgia James |

Next time you’re dealing with an explosive nappy, a public meltdown or a 3am wake-up call, take a deep breath and remember the real reasons you became a mum

1. Your body is swimming with feel-good hormones – you are literally high.

2. Every time you look down there is a tiny person there, with a tiny nose and tiny fingers, looking up at you… and you made him!

3. Strangers smile at you, open doors for you, stop their cars when you cross the road and let you go before them in the queue.

4. You have license to sit in cafes, eating cake and chatting, while the rest of the world is at work.

5. You have endured childbirth, which is akin to crossing the finish line of a marathon.

6. When other people see your baby, they get all broody – and he’s all yours to keep.

7. You get to spend a large proportion of each day cuddling somebody.

8. You’ve got your body back. Well, kind of – just a little bit of work to do.

9. One tiny smile from your baby is enough to lift your mood for the whole day (even if it is only wind).

10. Shop assistants tell you he has your eyes.

11. You literally feel like all your Christmases have come at once because this is the best present imaginable.

12. Your arms are looking decidedly more toned thanks to all that pram pushing.

13. When you coo over tiny shoes and tiny hats and super-cute sleepsuits in baby departments, you now have someone to fit inside them!

14. Maternity leave is stretching ahead of you – no more deadlines, boardroom meetings, nagging emails from your boss, irritating colleagues…

15. When your baby falls asleep on your chest, you are so filled with love and happiness, you are in danger of actually bursting.

16. You can get away with having a fat day. Everyone can see that you’ve just had a baby. Best excuse for a slice of cake ever?

17. You are able to go to sleep without a pillow between your thighs. In fact, you could probably sleep standing up.

18. You are no longer a couple, you are a family.

19. You’ve found somebody who actually likes your singing voice.

20. Someone just described you as Elliot’s mum. Yes, MUM!

21. Your favourite jeans fit again (if you wear a long top to disguise the fact you can no longer fasten the zip).

22. You’ve just remembered that will probably get a card next Mother’s Day (if you remind your partner, that is).

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