Research Proves Single Mums Are Happy

by Victoria Joy |

Despite facing the pressures of parenthood single-handedly, research finds single mothers are doing better than fine.

With rising costs of childcare and continuing social pressures to form the 'ideal' 2.4 family, it's not uncommon for people to assume single mums struggle to manage.

However, despite the daily challenges, a new report published in the Journal of Happiness Studies shows that most mums who have children while single are more than happy with their lot.

Although many of the participants admitted to battling financial difficulty, lack of support from a partner and dealing with a sense of disapproval from society as a whole, the study revealed that raising a child alone didn't prompt their unhappiness. In fact, it seems that these challenges can help mothers feel very strong bonds with their offspring.

'Children are moved to the absolute centre of the woman's universe'

The study's co-author, Monika Mynarska of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Poland, says of the study: 'Despite all of the difficulties and problems - or maybe because of them - the children are moved to the absolute center of the woman's universe and they are the brightest aspect of their lives. Moreover, children often give women the power to make decisions they had not been able to make before pregnancy.'

Another finding of the research was the suggestion that being responsible for a child's care - and putting that above everything else - helped some single mothers break away from relationships that made them unhappy.

We're very glad to hear it!

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