7 things no one ever tells you about your post-baby vagina

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It's the question that fills mums-to-be with equal parts fear, curiosity and er, fear: 'What really happens to your vagina after giving birth?'

Ok, so it's no typical coffee shop chat (well, unless you're a TMI mum who's likely to have told everyone about your third-degree tear before you've ordered your latte), but the goings on 'down there' after you've had a baby are generally not talked about. That's why we've given you all the facts below.

Here's everything you've wanted to know about your post-baby vagina, but didn't want to ask...

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1) You may experience dryness

No matter how turned on you are, your vagina may be dry after birth thanks to hormone disruption.

It may take weeks to return to it's normal state yet, especially if you're nursing. When you're ready to have sex with your partner it's recommended you use plenty of lube.

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