Watch: Matalan launches new active clothing range with fitness videos

Leggings, £12; vest, £8; crop top £8.

by Sophie Knight |

Real mums share videos of their fitness routines to help launch Matalan’s new active clothing range - watch and listen to their top tips for new-mum fitness

Matalan has launched a new range of funky fitness clothes, and alongside it has filmed real mums and their exercise routines.

Mums across the country were asked to share their top tips for fitting in exercise in tight time schedules, juggling babies, toddlers and children as well as fitness regimes.

We love the new range of clothing, with practical pieces as well as bright, colourful patterns.


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Leggings, £12; vest, £8; crop top £8.
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Leggings, £12; vest, £8; crop top £8.

For more information about the clothing range click here. Watch the videos below!

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