What Do You Wish You’d Known Pre-Baby?

How to decode baby cries and handle lack of Zzs are up there with what mums wish they’d known before having a baby

Life with a newborn turns your world upside down. Nothing can prepare you for the excitement/love/exhaustion/emotion (tick as appropriate) – but it’s also the practical stuff that can take some getting used to, according to a new survey.

Why your baby’s crying, how to cope with sleepless nights and the sheer responsibility of being a parent are the top three things mums wish they’d known about beforehand.

The study of 2000 women by Nurofen for Children also highlighted uncertainty about getting babies settled into a routine, juggling housework and when to see the doctor or health visitor.

One of the most striking points on the list was that we wish we’d known that other mums may only be appearing to cope at times. Feeling overwhelmed? You’re definitely not alone – use your support network and never be afraid to ask for help.

What do you wish you’d known?  Tell us in the comments box below…

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