Why we love Clemmie Hooper’s views on post baby bodies

by Jane McGuire |

Here at Mother & Baby, we’re big fans of the wonderful Clemmie Hooper – the midwife we all wish we’d had, the super mum of four beautiful girls and the author and blogger who talks about the real issues facing mums today.

Yesterday, Clemmie took to Instagram to spread a positive body image message and we all nodded our heads in approval. In the sepia-toned age of social media, scrolling through our feeds we’re often bombarded with images of toned celebrities in bikinis, seemingly having lost all their baby weight. In her posts, Clemmie argued there wasn’t enough ‘normal sized mums out there feeling confident in their shape/size.’

Author of the bestselling baby-bible, How to Grow a Baby and Push It Out, Clemmie used her instagam stories to share a message with her 300,000 plus mummy followers. Telling us to ‘keep it real and support each other’, Clemmie went on to share links to the Instagram pages of inspiring women with ‘real bodies’, such as bloggers Clemmie Telford, Emma Paton (finlay fox), Style Me Sunday, and Writer of Mad Girl and The Wrong Knickers, Bryony Gordon.

Trying to change the way women feel about their post baby bodies is an important campaign, but we believe birth is an opportunity for a confidence makeover, not a confidence loss. Midwife Mervi Jokinen agrees, telling us ‘giving birth [should] take the focus away from how your body looks, and put it more onto what it can do.’ Your body is amazing – be proud of it and enjoy it.

Are you suffering with your post-baby-body, add your comments below - we love hearing from you. If you love Clemmie as much as we do, why not watch her Facebook live for Mother & Baby here.

Photo credit: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

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