10 women tell us how they really feel about their post-birth vaginas

post-birth vagina: How it really feels after birth

by Kat de Naoum |

They don’t call it the miracle of childbirth for nothing; if a whole basketball-sized baby coming out of a hole the size of an olive isn’t a miracle, then what is? As amazing as it is, no one really discusses what your nether-regions truly look or feel like after the massacre that is vaginal birth. From immediately after the fact, to months and even years later, whatever becomes of your lady parts? 10 women bravely share the ugly naked truth about their post-birth vaginas.

10 women discuss their post-birth vagina:

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1) “My vagina fell out.”

“After 3 children who were all rather on the large side (the smallest was 8lb and the largest 10lb), I have what they call vaginal wall prolapse, which literally feels like your insides are falling out. Kegels weren’t a thing 30-odd years ago when I had my first, and no one told me that I needed to do vaginal exercises so, unfortunately, after years, I started feeling a kind of loosening in the vaginal opening and like a ball was coming out of it, pushing down. It would get worse if I was tired or worn out from work, or if I had been walking or standing all day, and it would get better if I rested. I’m now regular with my Kegels and vaginal exercises and have seen a massive difference, but you have to keep doing them forever otherwise it can prolapse again.

As far as what it looks like, I have no idea because I could never bring myself to take a mirror to it, but I’m sure it’s vastly different to what it was like before the births. With my youngest, I ripped all the way from my vagina to my anus (it took me a month to be able to even walk properly again). I had episiotomies with all of my children but the vagina would rip naturally even further on its own, like it was silk. I’ve had so many stitches down there, I’ve lost count. Having said all that, it does heal, and you do forget, and if I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Dez, 56, mother of 3

*Some names have been changed

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