5 arguments all new parents have (and how to work through them)

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The heightened emotion and lack of sleep of new parenthood leave many of us on edge and grumpy. Inevitably, we take it out on our partners.

There are five areas of conflict that fast became the cornerstones of day-to-day life for new parents. If they’re a familiar part of your relationship, here’s how to resolve them quickly and calmly.

PhD psychotherapist Aaron Balick is here to help you both through the five arguments new parents typically have.

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1) ‘I’m doing most of the work’

THE PROBLEM: You’ve both become accustomed to playing the new-parent victim. Who’s the most tired? Who’s changed the most nappies? Who most deserves a night out?

THE SOLUTION: ‘One of the best ingredients in a relationship is mutual recognition and gratitude,’ says psychotherapist Aaron Balick. ‘Just try saying, ‘You cleaned up the kitchen tonight, thanks.’ Work of all kinds should be valued and, if you feel your other half isn’t holding up his side of the bargain, respectfully challenge him. And remember, a fair division of labour doesn’t necessarily mean you both do exactly the same tasks.’

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