Are There Some Things Mums Should Never Share? (#PenisBeaker)

by Alex Davies |

Two words for you. Penis. Beaker. Yep, you heard right – and if you were on Twitter the other day, you know EXACTLY what we mean

If you weren't, then everyone from writer Caitlin Moran to Spandau Ballet’s Gary Kemp was talking about an online discussion on a parenting forum ‘Do you dunk your penis’ (or 'do you have a beaker of water by the bed for post-coital cleaning').

Cue 833 comments including ‘That must be sexy. You do it, then spring apart, you rush to the bathroom and he plunges his knob into a bucket’ to ‘Does your DH say things like 'I'm feeling fruity tonight darling. FILL UP THE PENIS BEAKER!'?’.

Becoming a mum leaves you saying things you never thought you would

Becoming a mum leaves you saying things you never thought you would, talking about everything from poo to Peppa Pig in a way you never imagined would come out of your mouth.

Forums are an incredible support for parents. A place to share tips, get advice, vent and make friends. But, as funny as the thread is (and tears have been shed in this office), it begs the question – are there some things that should never be shared – at all, let alone in public?

Let us know in the comments box below!

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