“Who’s more tired?” and 13 other things couples argue about after having a baby

by Kat de Naoum |

When two people, who have perhaps been together a long time, feel they know each other inside out, and have decided to spend their lives together, they often think that this bond could never be broken or tested, especially by a nine-pound little lump of wailing cuteness.

They’d be wrong. It’s extremely easy to underestimate the effect a teeny tiny baby can have on two whole grown-up, logical and very capable human beings, who love each other beyond comprehension.

With all the adorableness and heart-bursting love that comes with it, no matter how prepared you think you might be for a baby, even seasoned veterans who are six kids along will tell you that everything gets turned upside down with the new arrival.

Comparing how many hours you’ve slept, who changed the most nappies that day, and whose turn it is to wash the dishes are but a few of the seemingly petty subjects that can get a couple bickering to no end.

Here are 14 things new parents argue about when a baby comes along, that their pre-baby selves would never in a million years imagine they’d be fighting about.

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1) Who’s more tired

Petty? Yes. But even that extra 20 minutes of shut-eye your partner managed to get on the couch while you were scrubbing poop (that projectile shot out of the baby earlier) out of the carpet can get you feeling all kinds of resentment.

20 minutes is 20 minutes. They will pay.

One new mum tells us, “My partner tells me that even though he doesn’t get up when the baby cries at night, or even open his eyes for that matter, he still wakes up, therefore his sleep is also disturbed. Needless to say this is something we row about often. We literally count how many hours we’ve slept and compare, trying to one-up each other on who is more sleep-deprived.”

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