10 genius ways to make new mum friends in your community

mum friends

by Emily Gilbert |

Adjusting to a new life with your baby can be made easier if you know other people in the same position. Who else is going to get why you’re awake (and sober) in the early hours, or beyond excited that your local cinema has started doing mum and baby screenings? Since there’s no freshers' week for new parents, take advantage of the other opportunities for expanding your local social circle and finding like-minded mums.

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1) Download an app

ParentsNearby was created to help put like-minded people living near each other in touch through Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s free and available on both Android and iPhone. Plus, you can only chat to people who’ve also signed up – so reassuring if you’re shy. Check out all the best apps every new mum should download, here.

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