10 things to expect on your first post-baby date

by Georgina Terry |

Dig out your Wonderbra, look up the hottest restaurant in town and change the bed sheets. You’ve managed to find a trusted babysitter for the night and you and your significant other are going OUT out for the first time since your baby arrived. How exciting!

But things are not going to be exactly the same as when the two of you used to enjoy romantic nights a deux.

Here are ten things that will definitely happen on your first post-baby date:

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1. The run-up will be as exciting as the days before Christmas

Remember when you used to think nothing of going out for a post-work drink on a Tuesday night? Meeting for a cheeky pizza on a Thursday? Those days are long gone.

In fact, you probably can’t remember the last time you were outdoors after 6pm, and so you’ll be looking forward to this one for weeks in advance.

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