Where To Go From Here: How To Stop Your Relationship Plateauing When You Have A Baby

by Alex Davies |

Moved in together? Check. Planned a wedding? Done. Agreed you like each other enough to have a child together? Sorted. And now your baby’s here and you’re settled into family life, what’s next? Erm…

From school exams through to finding “the one”, everything feels like a big checklist sometimes.

And the same can be said for relationships – you meet, date, move in together, perhaps get married, have a baby, maybe another… then what?

It’s completely normal to feel like your relationship has come to a bit of a standstill right now. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing. You’re definitely happy but you wonder what’s next for you both – if anything.

So, what do you do?

Appreciate every day moments

The phrase “live in the moment” is bandied around a lot, we know. But, you really won’t get this early time with your baby back, so focus on small moments or things that happen each day.

Dig out a camera, enjoy these mini miracles and tell each other about them.

Make new, short term goals

Consider what would make you happy right now and do it.

Consider what would make you happy right now and do it

‘Being fulfilled puts you in a better place to enjoy your relationship, so give yourself some TLC,’ says Claire Brummel, relationship coach for Feminine 1st.

Want a massage? Book one. Fancy trying that class? Go along. Wondering about starting a business from home? Get some advice.

Think up some joint projects

As well as your own wish list, talk to your partner about things you can do together – nothing says couple boost like booking a holiday or turning the garage into a huge walk-in wardrobe (we can dream…).

‘This way, you’re actually working on your relationship and getting excited about something together, which keeps things fresh,’ says Claire.

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