The top fitness apps for busy mums

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by Samantha Ball |

It's difficult for any mum to maintain a work/life balance, let alone trying to fit an exercise regime into an already jam-packed week. Instead of rushing to the gym, an app can be a great alternative as you can do it from the comfort of your own home, whenever you can fit it in and it works out much cheaper than that gym membership you've not had the chance to make use of. Whatever kind of fitness it is that you enjoy doing, whether that's running, pilates or even weights, there's an app for it. You can even get your toddler involved in the fun, thought don't be surprised if his downward dog is better than yours...

Take a look at our pick of fitness apps that you can do during naptime, on your lunch hour or even before bed...

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Jennis app
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Jennis, £9.99 per month, iOS and Android

Created by Olympic Heptathlon Champion and mum of two, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jennis is a health, fitness and confidence-boosting programme. Split into three different sections: fitness, pregnancy and post-natal so you can be sure the advice and workouts are tailored to you, there are plenty of well demonstrated exercises for you to choose from with minimal equipment required.

Why it’s so great for Mums: 'Sessions on my fitness app Jennis are only 20 – 30 mins,' Jess told  Mother&Baby. 'So if your baby is napping or you have a spare half hour, they are easy to squeeze in. I know this is a challenge for a lot of women to find the time, so I designed them deliberately to be short and so they would fit in.’

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