Fast Fixes: The Ponytail

by Lisa Durant |

Always on trend, fast and easy, and there’s a style out there for you. Here are our favourites.

For those mornings when you don’t have time to wash your hair (ie, every morning), or you want your hair up and away from sticky hands, the ponytail is the perfect solution.

1. Low and sleek ponytail

Simple, easy and baby-friendly (why do children love to pull and play with hair so much?), plus a low ponytail makes you look put together, even when you’re surrounded by mayhem. Part hair in the middle or brush back off your face (adding a little styling cream or spritz with a shine spray if you want it really sleek) and secure low on the nape of your neck. Then run out the door.

2. High and tight ponytail

When you’ve had a bad night, but you need to smarten up before leaving the house, pulling your hair up and off your face can work wonders. Like a mini facelift, a higher ponytail will look polished and draw your features up a fraction too. Brush and smooth your hair back and secure near your crown, for a swishy, ‘done’ pony.

3. The side slick ponytail

Perfect for days when you really should shampoo, but you’re too busy rounding up the troops for the nursery run, the side-parted pony comes to the rescue. Go as deep with your parting as you dare, brush or comb across and secure the ends into a low ponytail. Smooth on a little styling cream or serum if you’re growing out a fringe, hiding split ends or disguising less-than-clean roots for a ‘glossy sheen’.

4. The lived-in pony ponytail

You could practically sleep in this look, wake up and go! We love the sound of that, and so does Victoria Beckham, as she showcased these low-and-easy ponytails at her autumn/winter 2013 show. Pull hair into a rough tail at the nape of your neck, loosening out your hair around the hairband. Alternatively, roll around with your baby for half an hour and you’ll have instant VB hair.  Easy peasy.

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