Introducing the chemical-free blow dry that will give you sleek hair for three months

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Swishy sleek hair that gleams like a toddler who's spotted the iPad poking out your handbag? Yes, please.

However, since having kids, our hair game has come at a feeble last place, with 'making an effort' counting as brushing our hair occasionally.

It turns out that super sleek hair doesn't have to mean hours with the straighteners on full whack.

Introducing a new chemical-free Brazillian blow-dry which leaves hair straight, healthy and stays manageable for months.

What is Braliz?

Unlike other Brazillian blow dries which are harsh on hair and only give the illusion of 'sheen', Braliz is completely chemical-free and nourishing with all the same great results.

Suitable for all hair types, including afro and chemically processed hair, Braliz works to smooth and relax the hair fibres to create a temporary sleek straight look.

The nourishing treatment does not alter the natural curl or wave in the hair, so users can still achieve beautiful bouncy curls or let their hair dry for an au-natural look, but without the frizz.

Braliz is also humidity resistant which means it is the perfect treatment to have before going on holiday to hotter climates – ensuring your locks stay beautifully sleek and smooth.

Sounds good to us!

M&B's review of Braliz:

Although my hair is 'sort of straight', it looks very fluffy after washing and quickly becomes frizzy as soon as I leave the house.

In fact, I often have to spend most of my morning straightening my hair in a desperate attempt to achieve the insta-worthy poker-straight look.

I visited the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea, where hairstylist Edna assured me that most hair types can benefit from a Braliz Brazillian blow dry.

My hair was washed and the treatment was expertly applied strand by strand. It was left on for 45 minutes and once it was washed off, my hair was straightened slowly and carefully.

"The product is activated by heat" said Edna, "so it's important we get every strand!"

Depending on your hair length and thickness, the process takes around 2 hours.

I couldn't believe the difference, my hair was not only the sleekest it has ever looked (no, really!) it was incredibly shiny and soft.

Since having the treatment my hair has been so much easier to take care of and looks sleek after hair drying, even weeks later.

Definitely a must-have for anyone who wants to save time in the morning!

Braliz blow drys are available at selected salons across the UK including Neville’s, Richard Ward & Edward James in London. Find out more, here

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