Sanity-Saving Apps For New Mums


by Sophie Haslett |

Being a new mum is stressful. Very stressful. Thankfully, we’re here to help and have rounded up the 10 best apps that promise to make you the most time-efficient, dedicated mother out there. From feeding time to falling asleep to Brahm’s lullaby, there’s plenty here to get your teeth into. Who knows – with these in your life you might even get the odd (dare we say it) break…

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First Year
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First Year

If looking after your new baby’s wellbeing and keeping your sanity in check feel mutually exclusive, you need FirstYear app, which is the easiest way to track your baby’s daily activities as they develop. With no need for typing and no fussing with alarms, all events can be logged with just two simple taps on your iPhone or iPad. All apps should be this uncomplicated.

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