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Being a mum means we are always on the lookout for simple ways to streamline our beauty regime. Even if we have worn the same porridge-stained joggers for approx three days and can't remember the last time we brushed our hair, we still want to look a bit presentable. One treatment that will save plenty of time on a morning is microblading, a semi-permanent brow technique which promises natural, thick eyebrows without the need for pencils, palettes or er, any work.

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We went to Browhaus in Mayfair to test out their 'Brow resurrection' treatment (a fancy name for microblading), to find out if it's something that can revolutionise your life (hey, these things can happen!) or it's just another beauty fad.

Firstly, what is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow technique which uses fine lines of tattoo pigments to give the illusion of thicker, Cara Delevigne-esque eyebrows. The natural look is achieved by using a manual pen-like tool with tiny needles and as each hair is drawn on individually, it means there is greater precision than the infamous tattooed brows. The results are natural-looking and can last up to a year.

What can I expect from the treatment?

I have always had thin eyebrows and have been painstakingly pencilling them in every morning. I wanted bigger, darker brows without them resembling an upside-down Nike tick. Farah was absolutely amazing in making sure I was happy every step of the way and spent the first part of the session sketching brow shapes she thought would suit my face shape and I explained the look I was after.

In the end, we settled on a dark brown arch which was similar to my natural shape, but a lot fuller. Farah then applied a numbing cream and let it do it's magic for twenty minutes. I felt surprisingly calm about the procedure, but probably because I was careful not to watch any YouTube videos and convinced myself I was getting an eyebrow thread instead. Lying to your self is sometimes necessary and recommended. After the initial treatment, you need to go back a second time to check how your brows have healed. 'Everyone is different and everyone takes differently to microblading,' Farah tells me, 'you can't predict how your skin will react, some people's eyebrows will hold on to the colour and others will fade quite a bit.'

Does it hurt?

No! Numbing cream is applied to your brows, so you can't feel a thing. At one point near the end, it was verging on uncomfortable, but the actual procedure didn't hurt. The numbing cream gave me a slight headache on the second appointment, but all in all, it's a breeze!

How much does it cost?

Available at a number of salons across the country, prices start from around £250. At Browhaus it costs double, though it is definitely an option for those who want to make sure their brows are absolutely perfect and HD-worthy. I can't recommend Farah enough, she is truly a brow wizard. Though costly, it's worth the initial expense as it will last you ALL year at least.

What’s the healing process like?

There’s no downtime for microblading, so you can walk out of the salon after treatment and enjoy your Insta-worthy new look. Speaking to US beauty bible Allure, eyebrow artist Piret Aava reveals that the brows should heal fully in around one week (although the process will vary from person to person.) During this time, you’ll need to keep the area as dry as possible – brows can be coated with a protective layer of Vaseline while showering.

Brow Resurrection is a signature semi-permanent treatment that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke (finer than normal brow embroidery techniques). This patented, advanced technique is exclusive to Browhaus and involves 5 years of dedicated research and development to perfect. A skilful strand by strand design recreates natural lifelike brows whilst using long-lasting dyes. To find out more about Browhaus and to see what treatments they have on offer, click here.

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