This adult SLEEP ROBOT is meant to help you sleep better

Sleep robot

by Jane McGuire |

An adult version of Ollie the Owl or Ewan the Sheep, Dutch brand Somox have designed a peanut shaped SLEEP ROBOT, said to help adults sleep better.

According to the website, ‘when spooning Somnox during the night you will be soothed to sleep’ with a breath function, lullabies and affection. Sounds like something you’d buy for your baby, right?

When holding the Somnox, you will hear it breathe, which is said to reduce stress and induce sleep. The creators believe you will eventually mirror your breath to the Somnox, making it easy to reach a meditative state of mind helping you drift off.

Like your baby’s favourite sleep gadget, you can listen to a heartbeat, white noise or a lullaby as you drop off, or record your own.

These clever sounding gadgets are not yet on the market, but are said to retail at over £500. Find out more about it here.

What do you think? Would you buy one, or just cuddle up to Ollie tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

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