Mother and Baby


Life’s a rollercoaster now you’re a mum.  We’re all riding the crazy highs of sweet baby snuggles and the oh-so-lows of sleepless nights... it helps to be reminded what the ‘new normal’ is and that you are only human!

#onlyHUMUM is designed for Mums just like you who may be in need of a bit of light relief! Every day you simply pick how you are feeling or what you’ve done and it delivers back instant positivity and support in just 2 clicks. It’s a bit of fun just for you -  not a forum! Try it today to get your daily pat-on-the-back and put a smile on your face!

It takes just 60 seconds (as we know you have no time!)

Click 1: Choose from the following themes by clicking the buttons below:  Today I feel…  Today my baby…  Today I…  and  Today my life is…

Click 2: Choose from the options given and #onlyHUMUM will answer you!

You can even share #onlyHUMUM on Facebook because the more us mums share what it’s really like to be a parent, the better we’ll all feel.  

And don’t forget, we are all #onlyHUMUM

Team M&B x


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