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Does hypnobirthing actually work? 9 mums share their stories

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If you are expecting a baby, you may have heard the term 'hypnobirthing'.

Though the name can be intimidating, it is simply practised mindfulness activities to prepare you for birth and aims to remove some of the fear and give women the support and confidence they need for a positive birth experience. 

But does hypnobirthing actually work when it comes to labour day? 9 mums from #mumtribe weigh in and share their birth stories...

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1) Laura Lainchbury

"I did an online course through The Positive Birth Company. It helped me in labour so much. I found having an understanding about what was happening to my body and the breathing techniques invaluable to keeping calm and therefore progressing labour. I am so pleased I invested time in it and would definitely recommend it.
Every birth is different and hardly ever goes exactly to your birth ‘plan’ but the course was definitely worth doing for me."
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2) Jessi Pywell 

" I did a course - still waiting for little one to arrive but it was an amazing course and I feel really prepared and like I know what I want and can be in control."
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3) Emma Webster 

"I'm the BIGGEST hypnobirthing advocate going! It was incredible, worked like an absolute dream, my labour and birth were very textbook, but I 100% wouldn't have been able to do it without hypnobirthing."
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4) Natalie Hill 

"I did the positive birthing companies hypnobirthing online course, I found before labour it really helped me mentally and took the anxiety away. It also helped me make better choices when it came to being offered an induction etc.
My labour was different to most in that it was a slow one over a few days before it randomly built up in a matter of minutes. I got to the hospital at 7cm - the birthing pool really helped and the breathing helped too, but there was no time to get the lights out or do the affirmations or tens machine etc so that side all went out the window.
As did the leaning forward as I was so tired. I pushed for 3 hours so had to get out the pool and to the labour ward and so was on the bed leaning back again at which point I really didn’t care. So I’d say it def helped leading up to it but for me personally it didn’t help as much as I thought it would in the hospital labour part." 
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5) Samantha Sharp

"I also did the online course with The Positive Birth Company. It was fantastic. Even when things went astray I went back to everything in that course and I felt in control. I also did a 6 week session with The Daisy Foundation, Antenatal and Baby (local groups all over) and I loved that too. It also gave me a nice group of mums I am still in touch with today. But yes I did it, I loved it, and I would do it all again."
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6) Joanna Cunningham

"I did the course with my local midwives. I was induced in the end so didn’t use it fully, but the breathing techniques definitely helped." 
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7) Lauren Smollett

"I used hypnobirthing during my pregnancy and labour. I absolutely loved it and managed to birth my 9lb 8oz little boy with no pain relief at all. It really helped me focus on listening to my body and channeling the energy during labour! Definitely would recommend it to any mums to be."
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8) Laura Quinn 

"I dont think i did hypno birthday technically, but I used affirmations and breathing techniques from pregnancy yoga which got me through a lot of labour. In the end, my contractions stopped so i was rushed to theatre, but until then I'd only taken gas and air, besides the breathing, so i certainly think its worth it."
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9) Amy Holland

"I did an online course. I found at the time that a lot of it escaped me, but I think the most important thing was the mind set it gave me of kind of even if things don’t go to plan, you can remain in control.
Some of it obviously went in, for example the breathing exercises and the positive affirmation I held on to, was that each contraction was bringing me closer to meeting my baby.
Even if I didn’t utilise it fully at the time it definitely helped and I delivered at a MLU in water with just gas and air. If I ever do it again I think I’d pay for a proper course and try and use more of the techniques at the time."

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