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13 Reasons Why Your Due Date Shouldn't Be Taken Too Literally

You’ve circled the day in your calendar, you’re counting down the days, but when it comes down to it – how can you be sure your pride and joy is going to arrive on that perfectly-planned day? The truth is, only five per cent of babies arrive on their due dates – and here’s why you shouldn’t rely on that happening...


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You’ve made plans

You’ve planned your perfect week of shopping, swimming and visiting friends, only for your waters to break in the middle of your relaxing pre-baby spa day.
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You’ve perfected your birth plan

You’ve laminated your birth plan, you’ve got your playlist sorted and have visualised every step, only to get panicked when you feel an early/late contraction and subsequently leave the house without them.
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You’re busy

You’ve been counting down the days until your friend’s wedding – and you’re refusing to miss it because your baby isn’t due for another three days. Waters breaking dramatically as the bride says ‘I do’ only happens in films, right?
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You haven’t finished the nursery yet

You’ve pictured your perfect nursery and your partner promises to have it ready for your due date, only to have to put up with unpainted walls when your newborn arrives early.
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Your friends and family haven’t got here yet

Your parents were driving down on Sunday and your mates were all set and ready to come in with balloons – but they’ve now stopped keeping their diaries completely free as you’re now six days late.
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You were looking forward to a week on the sofa

You’re too big too venture far from the sofa with tubs of ice cream, enjoying watching box sets back to back, only for your baby to decide he’s had enough of being in the womb mid-way through a nail-biting episode of 24.
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You’re not ready

You know what’s about to happen, you’ve watched One Born Every Minute and took notes at antenatal class, but the reality still seems far away. Was that twinge a contraction?
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You’re totally ready

You’re six days late, you’re achey all over and can barely walk. You despair with every passing day past your due date. GET THIS BABY OUTTA ME!
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You’re sick of answering questions

‘Three weeks!’, ‘five days!’, ‘well it was meant to be last week…’ If you have to answer ‘when’s the baby due’ one more time, you’ll pull your hair out.
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You’ve ticked off everything on your ‘to-do’ list

There are only so many things you can plan and tick off. You’ve always been great with deadlines.
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You’re done with batch freezing

There’s only so much bolognaise you can batch freeze and you’ve watched every film on BlinkBox twice. You’re done with waiting.
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You start to doubt your due date

You know you couldn’t have conceived 40 weeks to the day, as your partner was on a business trip miles away for 10 days...
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Every twinge is a contraction

Until you realise it’s a Braxton Hicks…again…
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