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Christmas due date? Here's what to expect from your festive labour

Christmas Due Date: What To Expect From Your Festive Labour

Yes, your baby could arrive at Christmas. No, it’s not a reason for extra nerves. Banish worries and get into the festive spirit for the best present ever

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – but if you’re a mum-to-be due at Christmas, there can be that slight worry about a festive labour.

Firstly, keep in mind that only five per cent of women go into labour on their actual due date. But also rest assured a Christmas birth is nothing to be concerned about – in fact, it can actually add an extra bit of magic to the whole ‘having a baby’ thing.

It’s just a case of preparation and understanding what to expect.

Dispel hospital worries

If you’re worried about your maternity ward being understaffed over Christmas, there’s no need.

'We’re 24/7 throughout the year and your care is always our number one priority'

‘We’re 24/7 throughout the year and your care is always our number one priority,’ says obstetrician Shreelata Datta.

‘And at Christmas, we don’t tend to book in planned procedures such as Caesareans, so the staff are completely focussed on mums-to-be in labour.’

Keep in touch with your team

It’s always fine to ring the hospital to update them and ask when you should come in.

‘If you’re worried about bad weather, let the staff know and they can advise you – it may be a case of giving yourself a little more time to get to the hospital or birthing centre,’ says Shree.

‘Also make sure you’re prepared with your bag packed and any older children taken care of.’

Get food savvy

‘Tis the season for lots of eating (hello, mince pies, turkey, more mince pies…) but if you’re due around Christmas, try not to overdo it.

‘You don’t want to be uncomfortable or have a tummy upset if you go into labour,’ says Shree. Bye, third helping *sigh*.

Be excited

The idea of having your baby around this time might be daunting, but it can actually be an extra special part of your labour.

‘We love Christmas babies!’ laughs Shree.

‘The unit atmosphere is lovely and every place has their own festive traditions, whether that’s decorations or even giving your baby a stocking of presents.’


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