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Nesting Checklist: What You Need To Get Ready For Your New Arrival

Every mum-to-be feels the ‘nesting’ instinct in the run up to the birth of their baby. From deep cleaning the house to stocking up on baby essentials, the primal need to prepare a nest kicks in (for most of us anyway) and we make sure our house is cleaner and more organised than ever before...

To give you one less thing to sort out, here’s our handy Mother&Baby nesting checklist.

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Finish those DIY jobs

Make sure you’ve (read: partner – you’re far too busy watching Orange Is The New Black) has finished off all those DIY jobs you’ve been meaning to do, but avoid painting as paint fumes from latex paints can be toxic in pregnancy.
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Give your house a proper clean

One of the most common features of the nesting instinct is getting your home ready for your newborn (cue frenzied hoovering and scrubbing). Well they do say a tidy home equals a tidy mind…
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Get your ‘baby areas’ ready

Let’s face it; you’re going to be having a lot of disrupted nights so make sure your baby feeding and changing areas are kitted out with everything you’ll need, at arms reach. Trying to remember where you left the nappy bags at two in the morning is not fun.
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Choose your buggy

The average baby spends two hours a day in her buggy, so it pays to do your homework. Features to include include size, folding ability and comfort. If you need any more inspiration – see which buggies these celebrity mums have picked.
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Order/buy all your baby essentials

Wash and prepare your newborns clothing, blankets and towels to ensure all irritants are taken out of the fabric and stock up on baby supplies. You can never have enough nappies!
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Batch freeze meals

You’re going to need all the energy you can get in the first few weeks as the reality of being a 24/7 mum to a newborn kicks in. It’s likely you won’t have time to make yourself hearty meals, so make sure you’ve got some to hand in the freezer. Stocking up on plenty of nutritious snacks to keep you going throughout the day (and night) is also a must.
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Install the car seat

After the initial few days back at home, it’s likely you’ll want to start getting out and about with your little one to introduce the bub to friends and family (there’s no way your mum in law is seeing the chaos of your living room!) Make sure you’ve installed your car seat beforehand to avoid a stress when you’re in a rush. A complicated installation and lack of sleep is not a recipe for success.
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Prepare for feeding

Have you decided whether you want to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby? Make sure you have all the essentials like breast pumps, bottles and formula ready. You’ll be an expert in no time.
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Think ahead

Whilst you have a clear head (and you’re not knee-deep in nappies and dirty laundry), it’s worth making some goals and decisions about the months ahead. Decide when and if you’d like to go back to work, sort out what your family budget is and get any other admin out of the way.
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Get ready for the birth

Hospital bag packed? Birth plan sorted? All you need to do now is a practice run to the hospital and you’re ready.
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RELAX! You’re having a baby after all.

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