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Wednesday Lunch Club Q+A With Midwife Judi Cadogan

Missed our Wednesday Lunch Club with midwife Judi Cadogan? Don’t worry, you can read all of the expert advice she shared here

Every week at Mother&Baby we bring you the Wednesday Lunch Club – a chance to get brilliant advice for your parenting questions from a top expert. This week, midwife Judi Cadogan was on standby to answer questions.

Having been a midwife for 25 years, Judi has lots of experience in pregnancy and birth. She currently works as a consultant midwife for Laboraide and helps women through labour as easily and safely as possible so that they have a positive and rewarding experience to start them off on their journey through motherhood. 

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If you missed the chat, here’s what happened…

'When your contractions start they are usually a bit irregular so it’s best to stay at home and keep as mobile as possible'

I'm 24 weeks pregnant and starting to think hard about what will happen once my bub is born. Would love to breastfeed but I'm not very confident at all (hence the anonymous email) and don't want to get stared at while feeding my baby. I always read that breast milk is much better for a baby - is that true? Should I try expressing and feeding my baby with a bottle? Anonymous question.

Judi Cadogan: Hi and congratulations on your pregnancy. I am sure you are going to make a brilliant mum – it’s hard to be confident when so much is happening to your body and so much information is given to you.

Breastfeeding is best for you and your baby and I am sure that once your baby has arrived the midwives will give you lots of help to breastfeed and once you can get the baby latched on properly you should be fine.

Lots of places now have dedicated feeding areas when you're out and about and there are lots of clothes you can buy so that you can feed discreetly.

Breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby so don't worry about other people be confident that you are giving your baby the best start in life.

I need some advice. I'm 23 weeks pregnant tomorrow and noticed at side of my bump some veins are visible. Is that normal? Steph Knox.

Judi Cadogan: Well done on your pregnancy – you’re over half way there now. During pregnancy your blood volume increases and the blood supply to your uterus and baby also increases so it is natural to see an increase in the veins as they are bigger now. But if they get itchy or inflamed go and see your midwife.

How late can I wait before going to hospital when my contractions start? Anonymous question.

Judi Cadogan: When your contractions start they are usually a bit irregular so it’s best to stay at home and keep as mobile as possible. As labour progresses they will become more regular stronger and last longer.

As a rule of thumb (and unfortunately labours all differ), when your contractions are approximately three minutes apart and strong or you cannot talk through them, then you can phone the hospital and let them know you are coming in.

However, you should phone the hospital at any time if your waters break and the water is not clear or any time you want advice. I wish you all the best for your labour and delivery.

I would like an epidural. Is it my right to ask for one? Anonymous question.

Judi Cadogan: First of all you need to make sure that the hospital you are going to have the baby in has an epidural service. Then yes if you get to a stage in labour when you decide you want one, you can request an epidural.

Bear in mind that if the anaesthetist is busy they might not be able to get to you straight away sometimes emergencies arise in hospitals and you may have to wait.

Hopefully this won't happen but perhaps think of other methods of pain relief that you can try while you’re waiting. I wish you all the best for your labour and delivery.

I think the best thing to do is to research all methods of pain relief before you go into labour and find out what’s available to you. However fairly new to the pain relief market is Laboraide, a dental device that can help with pain relief.

It can even be used as well as your epidural once it’s up and working but will help support you in the meantime – you might even find you don't need the epidural after all. But do look up different methods and find one to suit you.

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