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Hospital bag added extras that you can’t do without

Hospital bag added extras that you can’t do without

You’ve packed your hospital bag, and your baby’s arrival isn’t far away. Tens machine? Tick. Lunchbox for snacks? Tick. Nursing bra? Tick. But here’s a list of those added extras that you will be thankful for on the day itself - the little things really matter! 

Lip balm

All that breathing and gas-and-air can dry your lips. A slick of hydrating lip balm sorts it. Check out our list of the best lip balms.


Full-term pregnancy brings a heightened sense of smell and you’ll be spending a fair few hours in the very close proximity of your partner. Keeping his breath fresh is the least he can do.

Bendy straws

Dehydration slows labour down. Have a sip of water between every contraction – a bendy straw makes that possible, whatever position you’re in.

Lavender body spritz

Make a cooling and relaxing DIY lavender body spritz by filling a travel spray bottle (£1.39, with water and a few drops of lavender essential oil.

Digestive biscuits

Don’t leave your birthing partner to the mercy of a vending machine. Pack him or her lots of snacks (choose foods with a smell you don’t find offensive).

Tennis ball

Massage can help reduce pain by triggering the release of natural painkillers, but some women can’t bear to be touched during labour. A tennis ball rolled across your lower back feels great.

Swimming trunks

Even if you’re not having a water birth, you may want to take a shower during labour, and you’ll want your partner to help you.

Hair clips

Trust us, that long bit of fringe will drive you crazy.

Unscented baby wipes

A swipe with an unscented baby wipe keeps you fresh during labour, or lay one across your forehead for an instant cool-down. 

Teddy bear

Bring whatever it is from home that makes you feel secure in the wobblier moments of life.

A photo of a perfect moment

Distraction helps you stay the distance. A photo of a perfect moment, perhaps of you and your partner on holiday, will give you a flood of positive emotion between contractions.

Battery-operated tealight

What atmosphere would you be most comfortable in having intimate sex with your partner? The same goes for giving birth. Turn the lights down and turn the tunes on.


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