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One Born Every Minute M&B Preview

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Great news for One Born Every Minute fans. Can't wait until tonight’s episode? Check out the M&B preview now…

It's Monday and there's only one thing that we're interested in watching on TV tonight - One Born Every Minute. At 9pm tonight, Channel 4 gives birth to the fourth episode of series five of our TV favourite, with a must-watch story for anyone who's struggled to conceive.

In the labour ward, 35-year-old Zoe Simpson and her husband Anthony, 42, are ready to savour every moment of their labour after waiting five years to get pregnant after fertility treatment.  Zoe says, ‘I just felt bitter with Mother Nature – why not me?’  

But if you can't wait those few hours until it's on - or have a feeling it's going to be one of those nights when your baby decides to wake right in the middle of your favourite programme, we've got a preview of the show for you right here.



Head to Channel 4 at 9pm tonight to see how the tension and emotional roller-coaster unfolds.

Do you love OBEM? Let us know your favourite couple from the show in the comments box below.


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