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New tool helps midwives see better in water births

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Pregnant women who choose water births could find it easier to reflect on their delivery thanks to a new device

Contemplating a water birth? A simple device could help midwives see when the baby crowns and offer you support, say researchers.

Pregnant women who opt for a water birth could find it easier to reflect on their delivery. Thanks to an illuminated mirror mounted on a flexible pole, midwives will find it easier to see when the baby’s head crowns, rather than bending over the side of the pool with a mirror and torch.


Researchers at Edinburgh, Loughborough and Heriot-Watt universities hope to get several of the devices made in order to begin clinical trials, which feasibly could come into effect as early as next year (2015).

With water births already at a height in ubiquity and popularity, this news could make them even more commonplace.

Would you opt for a water delivery if it meant you could know more about your baby? Let us know in the comments box below. 

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