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Would You Let A Photographer Be There When You Give Birth?

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A US birth trend of hiring a professional photographer to be with you while you’re in labour is taking off in the UK. Would you?

Some women would cringe at the thought of letting their own friends and family see them giving birth, let alone a stranger. But others are opting to hire a professional photographer to document the entire experience – an upgrade on the shaky Instagram vids and straight-after-labour shows by your other half.

The US birthing trend is becoming more and more on trend in the UK, with mums-to-be choosing to have snaps taken before, after and even during their labour. 

The new research shows that an increasing number of pregnant women are booking birth photographers – making them almost as sought after as wedding photographers. A fifth of the mums and pregnant women polled admitted they would think about it or have already hired someone.

A fifth of the mums and pregnant women polled admitted they would think about it or have already hired someone

The statistics show that discussions about birth photographers on online baby forums have increased by 112 per the last year.

If you fancy pro photos of your birth, then you may need to act quickly – birth photographers need to be booked at least a couple of months before your baby is due. And you’ll need to set aside a fair amount of money for it – the expert shots can cost anything from £100 to £1000, depending on the photographer’s expertise.

The finished results might not be what you expect and also capture your partner’s emotions during labour.

‘The pictures created are tasteful and precious, capturing the most intimate and special moments, such as the babies first breath or the first skin to skin contact between the mother and baby,’ says birth photographer Becky Williams from

If you can't afford to hire a professional, you can always take your own snaps with these tips.

Would you consider hiring a birth photographer? Let us know in the comments box below.


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